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Hi, my name is

Graham Wright

Web developer in Sheffield, UK.


I'm Graham Wright, a dedicated full stack web developer located in Sheffield, UK.


I have experience in developing websites dating back to 2001. My journey into the digital realm began with a Multimedia HND from Lincoln University, which I further enriched with a BSc Software Engineering at Sheffield Hallam. This blend of design and development education has equipped me with a holistic perspective on creating for the web.

Recent History

For the past decade, I've embraced the role of a stay-at-home dad while concurrently nurturing a part-time business venture. Now, a new chapter awaits as I pivot back to my true passion: web development. I am eager to embrace full-time opportunities, both in established employment and as a versatile freelancer.

Current Status

Whether you're looking for an adept web developer to join your team, an enterprise aiming to establish an impactful online presence, or simply keen on connecting, don't hesitate to drop me a message. Let's collaborate to transform ideas into reality.

Other Interests - Nerd Alert

Beyond coding, I'm an avid reader and enthusiast of fantasy/sci-fi genres – currently immersed in the Warhammer 40k universe. I balance my digital endeavors with time at the gym to stay energised, indulge in immersive computer games, enjoy quality time with my family, and dedicate the remaining moments to refining my personal browser game project (details below).

I'm Looking forward to engaging with you and bringing your ideas to life.


I have experience with many programming languages and tools, some of which have faded into obscurity over time (I miss you flash), but here's the current languages, frameworks and tools that I am comfortable working with.















Current Learning

I have a deep passion for continuous education, and when I'm not refining my proficiency in the languages and tools mentioned above, I take great pleasure in learning new skills and techniques that I can apply to my work.



I recently finished a comprehensive Udemy course focused on WordPress development. Currently, I'm actively engaged in a practical project to deepen my understanding of WordPress as a versatile content management system (CMS) while honing my skills in crafting custom themes. My immediate goal is to delve into WooCommerce to expand my expertise and broaden my capabilities, ultimately equipping myself to provide top-notch e-commerce services in the near future.

my work

A selection of my current and past projects.

In Development - Find My TDEE

Find My TDEE is a BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) calculator tool. Users will (eventually) be able to create an account, and track their TDEE over time, giving a more accurate result, and nice graphs, because we all like graphs.

The website is being built with Laravel, Inertia, Vuejs and Tailwindcss.

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Fully responsive: Mobile > Tablet > Desktop

Massive Corp

The Massive Corp website is part of my personal project: Omega Colony (see below). The aim was to produce a futuristic corporate website for a megacorp, engaged in off-world mining and terraforming.

The images were generated using BlueWillow AI, and some of the text is generated by ChatGPT AI. The website structure is built using standard HTML and Javascript, with Tailwindcss.

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Fully responsive: Mobile > Tablet > Desktop

Omega Colony - Browser Game

The Omega Colony is a persistent browser based game set in the year 2095. Users play as a Massive Corp employee, conducting remote operations on the Omega Colony planet. The colony is hundreds of light years from earth, and the user interacts with remote AI robots (through the UI) to mine, build and terraform the planet. The aim is to produce the look and feel of a 70's computer UI, but with modern elements.

The website front end is built using HTML, Vue.js and Tailwindcss. The back end is Laravel, with inertia to handle the communication between. The game is in continued development, and currently has a number of regular users.

I love to see people using my project, so if it sounds like something you might like, just have a go!

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Fully responsive: Mobile > Tablet > Desktop

Green Valley Lawn Care

The Green Valley website was to promote lawn care services in Sheffield. The aim was to produce a visually appealing, high performance one page site, with an 'earthy' outdoor feel and professional connotations.

The website structure is built using standard HTML and Javascript, with Tailwindcss. At the time of writing, the website scores 100% on internet speed and performance.

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Fully responsive: Mobile > Tablet > Desktop


Pixelhomes was a web hosting service based in Sheffield. The website allowed users to buy domain names and web hosting services, with a customer portal and ecommerce capabilities.

The website front end is built using HTML, Javascript and Bootstrap. The back end uses WHMCS to manage user accounts and payments.

Please note: This business is not currently trading, the link below points to my backup of the site, with ecommerce disabled.

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Fully responsive: Mobile > Tablet > Desktop


D.O.T M.O.T LTD is a Sheffield MOT and car repair centre. The client requested a makeover and update of an old un-responsive website. The design is not reflective of my current skills, but I decided to include the website here as it has been very successful for the business, compared to their old site.

The website front end is built using HTML, Javascript and CSS.

Please note: This website is getting dated now, and I am currently re-designing it to bring it up to date.

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Fully responsive: Mobile > Tablet > Desktop

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